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PRIMA OUTDOOR, s.r.o. was until recently the largest manufacturer of sleeping bags in Europe. That is no longer true, Asian competitors nowadays control all the market also in Europe.

Nevertheless, it still remains true that we have many years of experience with the production of sleeping bags, what makes our products stand out. Since 1989 we manufactured hundreds of thousands of sleeping bags. For our products we use the latest world-class materials without any compromises. Shape, dimension and all other details are designed for perfection. We are not trying to achieve the lowest price, but the highest quality at a very good price. Nowadays, almost all the textile products are made in Asia, which is often connected with bad quality issues. Therefore all the sleeping bags of CLASSIC series are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Thanks to their exceptional quality and lifelong service they are well-known and popular among the most demanding customers. We also export to them succesfully all over the world, mostly under the customers‘ brands.

Sleeping bags and backpacks series BASIC - we have finished production of this series.