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Frequently asked questions

How to wash sleeping bags?

You can wash sleeping bags in your automatic washing machine. Use liquid or gel washing detergent. Classic powder is not easy to rinse off, it would smell in the sleeping bag and it would precipitate in seams. (If you wish to use powder then rinse sleeping bas several times.) Choose an effort for soft washing and maximum 30 to 40 °C. If possible, set the lowest speed of spin-dry, usually approx. 400 to 600 rev per minute. After washing, rinse and spin-dry dry sleeping bag in horizontal position, e.g. on foldable clothehorse sold in supermarkets. It allows the sleeping bag to dry up from both sides. Do not dry the sleeping bag hanging over the clothesline because fhe fibers would break in place of hanging (in case of cheap sleeping bags, it can even pour down and damage). Sleeping bag will get dry within one day in common indoor or outdoor temperature (it is practically the same as in case of cotton clothes).

How to roll up and stock sleeping bag?

Cram sleeping bags into compress or classic case as handkerchief into pocket. Do not roll or fold them. Rolled-up sleeping bag will not fit into the case and if so, you will compress ihe insulation more - every compressing needlessly amortizes the insulating material. Folding is even worse. In the place of folding, the insulation gets extremely compressed and (except problems listed above) it can pull apart.

Store sleeping bags out of the case so they can occupy the largest space possible. You should at least hang or put them into storage cover that must be several times bigger than the compress case. If the sleeping bag ventilates it is even better. In case of feather sleeping bags it is even necessary.

What does it mean that PRIMA sleeping bags can be connected?

By connecting two sleeping bags using left and right zip, you get one big sleeping bag for two people.

How can I identify sleeping bag with left or right zip and which one is suitable for right-hander or Left-hander?

When lying on back, on the right side there is right zip and vice versa – on the left side there is left zip. Generally, right zip is better for aleft-hander and left zip is better for a right-hander – but it depends on your practice from previous sleeping bag or individual wish of the user.

Is it possible to connect PRIMA sleeping bags of different types and length?

Yes, it is possible to connect all types of PRIMA sleeping bags – regardless of type and length, the important thing is that they have the left and the right zip.

How to measure the length of a sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag must be stretched during the measurement. It could be creased from the case, so it is necessary to stretch it properly all the time we measure it - otherwise it could appear shorter than it is for real. It is necessary to measure the rear part, from the bottom seam to one on the top. Measured this way, measuring conditions are always the same. It is same for a sleeping bag hanging in our shop which is pressed to the full length or for your sleeping bag, just pulled from the compress case. And finally: the sleeping bag 200 cm long is intended for users up to 175 cm high and the sleeping bag 220 cm long is intended for users up to 195 cm high. These values are boundary, not just recommended.