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PRIMA OUTDOOR, s.r.o. was until recently the largest manufacturer of sleeping bags in Europe. That is no longer true, Asian competitors nowadays control the whole market, also in Europe.

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OFFER 2024

We have more than 30 years of experience with making high-quality sleeping bags. This year we prepared a collection of products made of top-class materials for very reasonable prices. Take a look at our offer for 2024 in 2 product lines – synthetic insulation sleeping bags and down sleeping bags.

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How to choose a sleeping bag

Are you wondering how to choose a sleeping bag? Our team of specialists prepared a detailed article which answers all your questions. Let us help you to better you knowledge in this area and choose a sleeping bag from a genuine Czech producer.

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MADE-TO-ORDER sleeping bags

Do the regular dimensions or color combinations not suit you?

We will tailor you your sleeping bag!

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Satisfaction of our customers:

Praise from a satisfied customer is the best reward - nothing else to say to that!

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