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S výrobou kvalitních spacích pytlů máme 30 let zkušeností. Proto jsme i letos pro Vás připravili kolekci produktů ze světově špičkových materiálů za velmi příznivé ceny. Prohlédněte si naši nabídku pro rok 2021 v podobě dvou řad – špičkové spacáky se syntetickou izolací a špičkové péřové spacáky.

We have many years' experience with making high-quality sleeping bags, and we prepared a product line made of top-class materials for reasonable prices this year. Please, take a look at the offer of 2021.

  • Manufactured in Czech Republic
  • Insulating materials made in USA

If you are looking for prime quality and lifelong service, you shall choose PRIMA CLASSIC sleeping bags made in Czech Republic. PRIMA OUTDOOR, s.r.o. will repair anything on your sleeping bag for free or for overhead costs. CLASSIC product line uses CLIMASHIELD materials, which perform 70% better „loft" than competitive insulation. Fiber surface patented technology guarantees excellent performance even when fiber is wet.

Offer of year 2021 are Annapurna, Manaslu, Makalu, Lhotse and Everest are designed for the tough conditions, mostly owing to the used insulation material CLIMASHIELD APEX. It is the most effective insulating material available on the current world market. Its extremely robust down-like three-dimensional 3D structure is made of thermally linked crossed endless hollow microfibers with triangle hollow. The diameter of fibers lays just between the classic hollow fibers and microfibers. Its insulation properties approximate this synthetic material the most to down. Its performance is not only fully comparable to down but it also combines all advantages of all hollow fibers and microfibers developed so far.The production is maximally Eco-friendly.